Thursday, March 19, 2015


I've been through a hell of a lot over the past two years, and have met, both physically and internetinally (and yes, I DID just create that word (patent pending)), a LOT of great folks, and thought I'd do a spotlight post on the best of them. This is in NO order whatsoever,  and I could just do one post, but this way leaves me more raw material!
Trust me, if you haven't been mentioned yet, you WILL be!

Anyway, PHIL.  You know who you are. This scrawny, OLD, cantankerous SOB is plain and simple the salt of the earth!  He bitches more than both my current AND ex-wife,  yet managed to send me enough for a sixpack on my birthday when I needed a boost.  He is pugnacious and determined more than the hardiest bulldog, and spends WAY too much energy on a car I hope he will someday get maybe on the road possibly.
Devoted to his wife, he consistently works on her sister's car, while bitching and moaning, knowing full well it makes him feel good to be there for her, because he's needed. 
This old fuck is probably my best friend.  1. Which I should probably apologize for mentioning in public to avoid him the embarrassment,  and 2. I've never even met him! 
He's a blogger buddy,  and you REALLY need to check out The Vulgar Curmudgeon.  (The name alone should day it all!)

1 comment:

Phil said...

Jesus Christ,quit it will ya? Yer gonna make me blush.

Good to see you back on the net again.

I think I'm gonna get in touch wit da Pope and have Rose nominated as a Saint for puttin' up with yer ass.