Tuesday, March 10, 2015

nowhere near close

Woke up to another shitty day. Rain and cold. Can't get much done lately,  and there is SO much needs doing.
Getting this trailer 'up to code' has been a nightmare. The electric finally passed after I'd finally gotten so frustrated I just said fuck it, and me and the wife went to the local watering hole to shoot some pool and tie one on. (I was tying one on, Rose came along to keep me out of trouble... She doesn't imbibe...)
Couple of guys were shooting at the table next to us, and after the usual barroom banter,  we ended up shooting partners.  Turns out one of the guys, Steve, owned A1 Electric (http://www.a-1heatair.com/), and generously offered to run the permits and provide all the materials and labor to get my electric finished!
So now I have a nice trailer,  electricity, and can finally sleep warm and comfortable nights.
However,  the trailer still isn't up to code on the site building permit until I get all the skirting up and the stairs completed. Rainy and cold days keep putting me farther and farther behind and I'm still short on materials.
I wouldn't mind so much, but there are so many other things I need or want to get done!  I have my seedlings ready to plant sitting in the kitchen,  but I had to hock my tiller last year and until I can get the ground broken I can't do much about it. And I can't purchase a tiller until I get my trailer done.
Gratuitous naked woman shot...

Then of course there are the voles everywhere out here! Before I put any seeds or plants in, I have to put fencing around the area and bury it at least a foot deep. Don't know how I'm gonna manage a corn and wheat field!
I need to get a nanny goat to go with my buck. And the pig pen needs to be moved to fresh ground.  My geese have all been killed just as the goose started nesting.  I'm down to two male ducks,  and a couple of chicken hens. Varmints are pretty thick here, and all my guns were sold off to get through the winter.
And yesterday I discovered my gas line under the trailer has a crack in it that I have to somehow fix before I can get propane in the tank I had installed.

Don't get me wrong though. Just bumps in the road.  It may take me longer than I'd hoped,  but I WILL get this place moving. Now if only the weather would just be a little more accommodating...

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Heroditus Huxley said...

After today, it should be--it's supposed to be sunny and warm for the rest of the week.