Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Too lenient by far

This is the story of Jihad Jane. The once-American who aided and abetted the sworn enemies of These United States in an act of terrorist treason.

Once upon a time, a sweet young girl named Colleen LaRose grew up in the greatest country ever seen on the face of the planet. She was apparently abused by her biological father growing up, which one can imagine is a rather traumatic event, and when she was older, and had a boyfriend who was 'out of town' a lot, decided to go screw some muslim prick.

Now said muslim prick introduced this poor innocent young woman to an awakening in a culture that not only sanctifies the marriage of little girls to old men, but allows the most heinous and criminal acts of abuse and terror on them as a right given to them by their deity.

Deciding that this is obviously for her, having already been abused, she gets full-goose apeshit into this new life, and even creates an online persona to promote this religion of peace.

Also, to prove her love of her fellow man, she plots with other members of this oft-misunderstood religion of peace, to kill a person who doesn't believe in their particular deity or his 'prophet', the mysogynist, misanthropic pediphile, Mulchkahmed. (Heavy on the phlegm in the middle of that name, please! Kinda like you're clearing your throat of a large load of mucus. Or perhaps the residue of a blow job...)

So now, in order to further the goals of this peaceful pastime, she has become a traitor to America, and takes on the treasonous guise of Jihad Jane, to spread the message of love to all her brothers and sisters, everywhere!

Now, here's where the story gets confusing. She is a traitor to The United States, regardless of her reasoning; Traitor is as Traitor does.

Isn't this grounds for the death sentence?

And when she is apprehended in her nefarious 'peaceful' intention of murdering her fellow human being, DENOUNCES her wicked misguided ways, and pleads for leniency from the very government that she strove against.

Isn't this grounds for the death sentence in Islam?

And all we, the people, who she plotted against, were going to do is let her spend the rest of her miserable little life in a cell where she could sit down, shut up, and leave the grown-ups alone.

But NO! This is too much for this poor, abused little waif. She gets her sentence reduced to 10 years because she has been such a GOOD GIRL!

Fuck that. Send her to one of those -istan countries. She loved them so much, let her go live with them. With a cross burned into her forehead. And a big tattoo under it saying 'Allah can go fuck himself ' in Arabic!


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