Friday, April 10, 2015

We NEED stevierayv!

When I fully moved to Turn Here Rose, and needed some help,  two folks rose to the challenge: One of my readers, Jim, and a fellow blogger,  stevierayv of YourcrazyuncleBubba.com.

Both of them had a WHOLE lot of fun busting me on my pitiful attempt to get a fire started. Jim is old, so I can let his disrespect slide, and stevierayv knew how to tow a trailer, so I'll be dammed of I'm gonna say a bad word agin HIM! 

But me and Jim have stayed in touch, and plan to git together next weekend, camp out overnight, and probably drink more than is good for us (especially for one of Jim's advanced years! ). 

It just wouldn't be the same without stevierayv though!  Tough SOB, knows how to handle a trailer, and this time HE can start the fire! 

Just need to send him some encouragement I guess...    Comment your collective assess off here folks!  Who thinks he needs to show? !!

(Oh, and by the way, anyone else wants to show, cool! The more the scarier!)


hiswiserangel said...

I would love to be there, but alas...

michigan doug said...

stevieray is sitting by his phone waiting for a girl to call. he might be there a while. heh heh