Sunday, April 5, 2015

Along with my last post

I was going through my inbox this morning,* perusing the articles on The Prepper Website, which is the epitome of the 'I didn't write it, but pay me for it anyway' type site I bitched about in my last post, and this article from Event Horizon Chronicles caught my eye.
The article is titled "Dictatorship Has Now Begun: Welcome To The Surreal."
Which all brings me to my next rant.
The author starts off rehashing the militarization of police, the dangers of the NDAA, and other shit everyone here already knows about, and then, without any further ado, segues into how everyone who really understands what's going on should move to fucking Ecuador to escape the evil that is our country. And offers all kinds of assistance to help you with the relocation!
Who the fuck is this anti American non-patriotic asshat to make ANY derogatory comments about America while deserting her?  And what a grand idea; everyone who loves their country should pack up and get out now!
That way there will be plenty of housing for all the illegals coming across our borders while we move into theirs!

Now I'm not one of those who actually hopes for open warfare with our own government, just waiting for my chance to bag my full quota of gubmint flunkies while raiding my neighbors and living a grand perpetual camping trip, hiding out and eating venison with pine sap dressing in my BDUs. I am a Patriot who will stand against the jackboots if and when they come, and do everything to support my fellow Patriots.
Turning my tail and deserting my post, America, is NOT an option.

It's bad enough Todd Sepulveda runs a blog that only reposts other Internet content. He should at least read the shit before posting it on a 'prepper' site.

*And yes, I have unsubscribed from this site,  this came in before I'd had the chance.

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B said...

Some people make money "Helping" others move to or buy bug out locations in other countries.

It costs little to write and post an article. And if people contact you, then it is a sales lead....