Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So I'm nuts. I can live with that.

I'm 51. I'm disabled.  And I'm nuts.
I believe I should have a garden large enough to grow plenty of fruits and vegetables to eat seasonally and dry, can, or store long enough to make it through till my next crop.
I believe I should raise animals to eat. And know how to butcher and preserve the meat.
I believe that morality should still mean something, and you should stand for your convictions.
I believe I have the right to protect my self, my family, my land, and anything on it.

Apparently I'm nuts.

But I'm not ashamed.  I've done enough wrong in my life that I regret, but have come to terms with myself. Scars, both those that show and those that don't, tells us where we've been, not where we're going. But I've never been cruel to animals or children, I've never slept with another man's wife, and I've always treated my elders with respect.
But I freely admit to some misgivings that this is not enough.  I walk through the mall, and notice the signs in Victoria's Secret showing erotically (undressed) women, and then notice all the young children walking by with their parents, who are blithely unaware of the impact of these ads on their kids.
I allow governmental excess, laughing at the antics of politicians and their paid guards getting caught with their pants (literally and figuratively) down around their knees.
But I DO nothing. Each transgression against morality, freedoms, ethics, or the American Dream, is ever so slightly worse than the last that I have condoned, that it slips by unnoticed and unremarked.
And I sit here this morning, watching news about the latest child abuse, catching each and every commercial goading me to sue my neighbor (for some lawyer's profit), or telling me if I take THIS pill, my dick will be bigger, longer, and SO much more satisfying for HER, and can't help but think maybe I should be ashamed.
I certainly wasn't raised this way. If a commercial on TV were to show a woman in her sexy lingerie writhing on red satin sheets, they would have been outraged! ANY kid, theirs or someone else's would, at the very least, be verbally reprimanded for their ass showing above pants wrapped around their knees.
Hell, Nixon was impeached for wiring a hotel room while our president does it to the entire country.

I personally put pictures of naked women on this blog, but it was only a mere few decades ago I remember getting my butt reddened for looking at the Sears and Roebuck catalog bra section!
I too have become a part of the problem. This is the world we live in. It is NOT my parent's.  I have become staid and inured to the degrading of American values. And I can live with myself.
But is there a line I won't cross? Certainly.
But I wonder where my children's line will be. Or, if they will have the ability to set a line. Our government now sets the standards; ethically, sexually, educationally, and morally.
We as a nation of sheeple, yes, even those of us who bitch and moan internetinally,  take NO action.
No,  I'm not ashamed for myself. I just hope the generations to come won't be ashamed of me.
This is not my parent's world.  But neither will it be mine tomorrow.

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Wraith said...

Brother, you're my kind of nuts.