Wednesday, April 8, 2015

history tends to repeat...

A comment I heard on TV tonight about America 'flipping' on England got me to thinking. Don't worry, it didn't hurt as much as even I thought it would...

Two hundred and some odd years ago, the people living here were existing under a king who had absolutely no first hand knowledge of what Americans were dealing with. His concerns were only for how he could profit, with no interest in those whose labors supported his privileged lifestyle.
Needless to say, but I'm going to anyway, those whose labor was so blatantly dismissed didn't see eye to eye with their liege, and with no recourse to a fair deal, realized the only way they could change their position was to rebel.
Some of you may remember from history class this was the revolution that allowed our great nation to rise.
Americans were a stubborn breed.  Hardships were no deterrent to these brave men and women who faced a new and unforgiving land in order to live a life on their terms.

The biggest issue was the king was too far away and too disconnected from his subjects to hold sway over them.

Hmmmmm...  I find it interesting that almost every one of these conditions exist today. B.O. is so far removed from the rest of us as to barely qualify as the same species.  It is our labor and the sweat we the people shed that pays for his lavish lifestyle and excessive and extravagant vacations.
He sits on his throne issuing royal decrees in the form of executive orders, with only his own self importance as motivation. His privy council of yes-men and sycophants stroking his ego in order to gain the royal favor.

Those who cannot learn from history are destined to repeat it. And the similarities are pretty amazing.

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