Thursday, April 9, 2015

open response to comment

I posted about the South Carolina murder of a 40 year old man by a cop. One of my readers commented that all cops are liars and dirty.
Not only do I agree for 99% of them, here's a little personal experience in my own family:

I have a nephew who has a high school diploma,  no advanced education, and couldn't even hack it in the Air Force, not making it past boot camp.
After not making it in the military (even the country club of the Air force) he landed a job as a clerk at one of the 7-11 stores in Oklahoma City.
One night an individual grabbed a woman's purse at the counter and took off.  My nephew jumped the counter, chased the guy seven blocks, and beat the holy hell out of him.
My nephew was lauded by the cops when they finally showed up, and had such an adrenalin high he decided he was going to go to cop school and do this for a living.
Now I love my nephew, but I firmly and wholeheartedly believe that those who choose law enforcement as a career are those same people whose only marketable skill is, and get off on, beating other people up.
And hide behind the 'authority' of the badge and the protection of the militarized boy's club.

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