Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Break from the daily routine

I follow a number of blogs on prepping, and homesteading, as well as the more patriotic sites we all know and love.

I was reading one today that kind of struck me as rather funny/sad. A person running the blog, which is about homesteading, and who gives all kinds of tips and advice on living a more self-reliant lifestyle, does not live in a rural community.

Now this doesn't degrade the advice she gives, but in the post, she states that she will probably never be able to live on a self-sustaining farm. Her situation in life is what it is, and she makes the most of it.

This is a good attitude to have. And not living in a fantasy world is generally a good thing. We all complain at times about what we'd like to have, or what we'd do if only....

But wanting more is what made America the great nation she once was. Not accepting that that's the way it is, and just accept and move on.

Its okay to break out of your safe zone, create new memories, fantasize about a different life, if only...

Our own situation in life can be frustrating at times. Seem staid and unfulfilling. But this only seems to be the case when you dwell on it. Life is for living. You may never have the perfect homestead, the dream relationship, the fancy car or mansion in the hills. So what. As children we ran around pointing our fingers playing cowboys and indians. I doubt many of us grew up to be cowboys or indians, but it felt good to pretend, didn't it? Let your insanity out once in awhile. Because it STILL feels good to pretend.*

Life tastes good. Take big bites. Stick your neck out and dream. Accepting what you have is a good thing. But NEVER let your imagination stop. Keep dreaming of those things that would have been if only...

Get out of your personal shell and DREAM! If you can't dream of a better life, how can you achieve it?

*Yesterday, for some strange reason, I dreamed I was in my own backyard, with fruit trees in the back, smoking trout I had caught the day before on my grill, with a big shit eating grin on my face, instead of sitting in my house shivering my ass off cause I'm too cheap to turn the heaters up....Ahhhhh. Good times!

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