Monday, August 25, 2014

Nothing new

But I had to come to the library to check some finances on their computers, so I figured I might as well drop a line and say hi!

Thanks, Brian in Florida for the support. Its always good to know there are folks out there who read this and actually care.

Thanks also, Hiswiserangel, for donating to the cause. Still love ya!

And now a brief update:

Have had two chickens and a duck killed in the last week. Surprisingly, (or not) this is happening in concurrence with the land just east of me being bought and the new owner razing it down to the dirt from the wild landscape it was.
Not only does it ruin my view by replacing it with a large expanse of bulldozed dirt, but all the critters that lived there, PLUS the predators that preyed on them, at least the ones the dozer didn't destroy, are now moving to my land. I don't mind the critters, but can do without the predators eating my livestock!

The building I eventually plan to move into is still bare, but I've stored a bunch of my stuff I won't be needing in the 'attic', and have reduced the pile in front of the place to a smaller mess.

Pigs are still going strong, and Mama Pig should be popping out the youngun's any day now.

Lost a rabbit to snakebite, now I need to get another buck for breeding the two does I have left.

Other than that. Its HOT.

Gotta love country livin'!

Until next time I get to the library, stay safe all!


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