Thursday, August 7, 2014

Had to go to the doc, figured I'd blog

Pictures are still a bit hard to get on here with this phone,  but a LOT has been going on!
The pre-wired building I bought was wired with well pump wire,  which isn't shielded,  so I can't get a permit for the electric company to run a meter to it. I'm in a major fight with the company I bought it from, as I now have to buy all new wire,  run it, buy all new insulation,  and either paneling or sheet rock. I paid extra for THIS building because it was 'move in' ready!
My neighbor,  who I actually thought would be pretty cool turns out to be a yuppie (do people still use the term yuppie? ) and actually called the cops and told them I had abandoned my dogs to get them to come see that I'm basically still living under a tarp and sleeping in a corner of the house on a mattress on the floor.
What was interesting is how cool the cop was. Because right after he showed up, two more showed up behind him. The first cop and I had been talking already,  and he'd basically said,  "fuck it. It's the country and dogs will roam,  right?"
So he told the next TWO cops that showed that I was fine,  and not breaking any laws.  It's not illegal to camp out in your front yard in Oklahoma.  He further went on to tell them I had a well, a generator,  and listed the animals I keep,  and that I had plenty of feed for them...
Turns out this wasn't his first visit! He'd come by the day before and gone through all my shit!  I didn't make too big a deal out of it, but I did politely ask him to stay the hell off my property unless he was invited or had a warrant...
And two days ago, I hitched into town with a neighbor for a pack of smokes (so much for quitting...) and started walking towards home figuring Rose would pick me up as she should be just about getting off work.
Instead,  I heard a car coming up behind me, turned and saw the lights on top, and knowing my wife doesn't drive a cop car,  I turned and continued my stroll.
Sure as shit,  the cop pulled up, and asked me what I was doing.  I told him taking a walk. He asked where I was coming from, and I told him 'back that way'. He asked where I was going, and I told him 'up that way'. He asked if I had any ID and I told him yes, but not on me. He asked my name, and I asked HIM if I was being detained? He said 'maybe', so I asked him what I was being suspected of.  He said some houses in the area had been robbed recently. I told him that's nice, and continued on my way. He apparently felt I was being disrespectful,  because he turned on his lights and told me to put my hands on the hood of his car after I had gone maybe thirty feet and he'd had time to call for back up...
I informed him I had an injury to my right shoulder,  and couldn't put it up on the hood as he'd requested.  So like any good cop, he GRABBED me by the right arm,  and tried to put it behind my back!
This tore something in my shoulder, and when I yelled,  he let go.
Now I not only am in absolute agony, I'm PISSED !
So here comes another cop, who the first said was his supervisor,  and so when he walked up, before I could explain myself,  HE'S on my right arm. Agony again, and when he realizes my arm is physically not capable of going behind my back, let's go.
I pulled out my phone as another cop showed up, and told them the next fucking pig that touched my right arm could kiss my ass. They had had no reason to detain me, as I was walking down a public street, and had the right to travel unimpeded.
The THIRD cop grabbed my right arm, asked sarcastically if I thought I was some kind of lawyer,  tried to shove it around behind me, and when it wouldn't go, through me into the side of a cruiser and told me to stop resisting! (I wasn't resisting,  I was busy recording! )
Long story short,  I was arrested for 'obstructing an officer during an investigation'.
The next day, when I got out on my own recognizance,  I found that my video had been deleted.  And I know this,  as the stupid idiot when he deleted it, accidently took a four second video of himself,  time stamped while I was in cuffs in the back of a cop car!
Seems to me the Supreme Court recently passed something or other about this being against the 4th Amendment.
So I'm now looking for a lawyer who will take my case against violations of my 4th amendment rights and illegally stopping me in the first place.

PS: Just got done with the doc. Tendinitis from the stress on my implant and possible tearing.  She's scheduling CT scan. ..


Phil said...

I see the Welcome Wagon isn't what it used to be.

That's fucked up dude,been there, several times.
Walking down the street minding my own business and get jacked up.
I have had the police tell me twice, in two different cities that the reason they jacked me was because, "you look like you've been doing something".

They wonder why I hate their asses.
I could write a fucking BOOK about all of my experiences with jack ass cops.
Sure there have been a few decent ones but the jack asses outnumber them ten to one.

Looks to me like you might have a lawsuit against these cretins though.

hiswiserangel said...

Sue the everloving fuck out of them.

And fuck yuppies.