Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Gotta be nice here....

I'm at the Noble, OK library, so I have to keep this clean (damn it!).
A lot has been happening here. Got arrested, then talked to a civil rights attorney, who told me he doesn't do criminal cases, so I should talk to this other lawyer he recommended.

Got an appointment to talk to this other lawyer, and he said basically I could plead guilty, and the judge would probably dismiss my case, or take it all the way and go for a jury trial.

I said I'd rather go to trial than admit to any wrong doing on my part, and he said it would cost me $5000.00 for him to take it to trial. That's FIVE THOUSAND folks!

He was recommended to me because he absolutely HATES the military force and I am God attitude of the cops, especially the Cleveland County sheriff's office. And he thinks I have a good case with the first lawyer to sue the shit out of them, so he offered to take it to trial PRO BONO!

Of course, once I get the criminal charge done with, then sue the shit out of them, he WOULD like me to remember him and give him a small percent. Which I probably would have done anyway.

Not all III percenters stand their ground. Some defend those of us who do!

Anyway, I got a new phone number, starts with 405-501-xxxx.
Angel; email me! Yer still my galpal! Robert, now that I'm in the build up stage, could REALLY use that item. tvrspecialist, let me know what's up!

Love all you guys and gals who are still following this crap and have been loyally waiting for more news from yours truly, but its all work, work, work, hurt, hurt, hurt.

Still trying to find a way to connect out at Turn Here Rose, and can't wait to get back on schedule.

(Oh, and Phil? Feel free to rack up some bust points on me. When I get back, yer gonna need 'em!)


stevierayv said...

As soon as I can get my tools it will be on it's way I'll elaborate later with a post,

Odysseus said...

Take care man, as to the not all III bit.

I've said for a while that you have to be careful to use the right Warren Zevon tool( Send Laywers, Guns, and Money!) at the right time. Because the wrong one brings more trouble.

Brian in Florida said...

Take care of yourself first. We can wait for the blog. God bless

hiswiserangel said...

Okie dokie artichokie!