Friday, August 22, 2014

Living under a tarp sucks!~

Well, this shit is REALLY getting old. Every time I turn around, someone else seems to want to take a piece out of my ass!
I know I've been asking for help a bit much lately, but between getting royally screwed by the company that sold me a "ready to move in" building that turned into a pig in a poke, being arrested for standing up for my 4th amendment rights, my wife's pay now being garnished for debts incurred during my convalescence after my injury, and all the other crap that piles up from not having electricity to keep food, run lights (and having to constantly buy more batteries!), and legal fees, I've just about had it. I am frustrated with everything and ready to just tell the mortgage company and the building company to take their shit back and just give up.
I started a Gofundme.com page if anyone gives a shit. http://www.gofundme.com/de0tis
And I'm at the fucking library again, so no girlie pics. And I haven't been online enough to look at any of the sites I normally frequent, so this is about it.

Take care all my friends. I'll be back when I can.

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