Tuesday, January 7, 2014

And therein lies the rub

Just read a VERY good post over at ITMOTR. This particular segment caught my eye.

Something I have noticed:
Stressful situations bring out true colors of character in people:

Good people are even better towards their fellow man. this accounts for 95% of the people, even though some are useless as possible. they are at least nice.

The assholes balance this, however. Their assholishness seems to become more pronounced at times like this. They make the average for humanity be just about even., maybe slightly negative.

I did suggest to one person that if he didn't behave, he could brave the cold and snow as he cold be tossed out. Good sense prevailed and he learned to behave very quickly. Others saw this and chose to modify their behavior as well.

The good news is that, despite fatigue, I didn't draw any blood on anyone, even once......

And therein lies the rub. Bad people are only about 5%, but when the 95% are unwilling to stand, the 5% win.

Welcome to America.

Here we have a dubious III%. And my personal belief is there are a LOT more than 5% against us, and at LEAST 95% sheeple. (and yes, I do realize that is 103%, but there is a +/- 3% error rate not yet accounted for. Trust me, the polls say so. Of course, I just made this up, but it works for gubmint polls, so....)

Are we enough? And when it comes down to the wire, who will stand?

When the jackboots come for me, who will question?




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