Monday, December 31, 2018

Blatantly self-centered promotional request

I recently added a widget thingee to my home page for all three of my regular readers of my irregular posts to sign up as followers... It's up there in the top left hand corner there... See it? Good.

Even though I don't post regularly, or enough for that matter, I still get some hits daily, and am only a measly 10,000 hits away from my first half million views. So, I figured I'd see how many people actually wait with unashamedly bated breath for the next installment of my Neanderthalic blatherings. So far, since this widget thingee has been up, I've gotten only ONE follower! (Okay, I snuck into my wife's phone and signed her up....)
Hence, this unrepentant, blatant, self-centered plea for followers to stoke my ego.
There. I said it.
I now return you to your regularly scheduled life without further interruption.

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